Triple A game developers get the full RunTime SDK pack plus full IT support. Achieve 100% realism in your game, RunTime procedurally generates 3D animation during gameplay, human and fantasy characters behave naturally to everchanging environments.
IKINEMA VR achieves 100% real world character motion in any virtual world environment. Developers of virtual reality experiences get the full spectrum of functionalities with the RunTime SDK pack, plus full support. IKINEMA VR procedurally generates 3D animation in real-time, with perfect match of game character to player. The Ideal solution for triple-A and indie VR games using controllers and tracking systems such as VIVE, Sony PlayStationVR, and Oculus.
Designed for post production work in film, TV, and games. Power Autodesk's MotionBuilder and Maya applications with this advanced toolkit and increase productivity by extracting every detail from MoCap data. Animation Cleaning Pipeline, advanced retargeting, marker solving and rigging capabilities on face, body, fingers, humans or creatures produces 100% natural behaviour.

IKINEMA Action for MotionBuilder
IKINEMA Action for Maya
£890 /licence
Includes: perpetual license, all features, 1 year maintenance.
Available as node-locked or floating license.
IKINEMA LiveAction
Designed for virtual production and live performance capture. Direct your actors to interact with animated characters during live takes, viewed in highly rendered virtual environments in real-time. Use with Unreal Engine 4 binary distribution; For other options of LiveAction, please contact

£2,500 /annum
Includes: Retargeting node, retargeting on body or fingers, streaming interfaces for Vicon Blade, streaming from OptiTrack, streaming from Xsens, 1 year maintenance
IKINEMA Orion is а low-cost, high-quality Motion Capture system using latest hardware technology by Vive. With just 6 or 8 tracking points and minimum calibration, Orion users are able to capture stunningly realistic, full-body movements in real-time. Our clients use Orion for games, animation production, training, simulation, social VR, theatre, VR experiences and many more.

£400 /annum
Includes: Node-locked annual license, IKINEMA Orion solving engine, Unity plugin, Unreal plugin, standard avatar, demo sample motions, rigs with 6 and 8 solving points.
Training and Simulation
Training and Simulation. Provide trainees with a fully immersive believable virtual environment. Perfectly match real-world actors to virtual avatars during real-time performance from motion capture data. Includes IKINEMA Consultancy service, tailored to your projects requirements.
IKINEMA Consultancy
Have a specialised project in the pipeline that requires one-on-one support? Whatever your needs, our dedicated team will work with you and your team to put your project right on track.
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IKINEMA's brand new animation concept INTiMATE. Enables anyone to create animation using descriptive commands based on every day language. Forseen uses in pre-production, games, virtual production, architecture, training & simulation, virtual and augmented reality. Demo video
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Access Action software's high-end toolset to rig, retarget, animate and clean mocap with WebAnimate, the low-cost solution for any animation need.

You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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